At BWS, we believe in the principle of skill sharing to propagate knowledge and enable individuals to create on their own using carpentry techniques. As the base, we offer a one-week (six days) woodworking training to individuals. Individuals work alongside our carpenters and get to practice carpentry with skilled guidance in a safe environment. The training includes two woodworking exercises which you will be able to take home.

The week long training is a base, and individuals can choose to take it forward from there if they are interested in training for a longer period of time.
There is no prior knowledge required for this beginner’s course.

Two of our basic exercises are The Knot- an exercise is tracing and cutting lapjoints- and the Viking Chair- an exercise in angle cuts. These two exercises are with hand tools only.

We also offer the option of executing your designs, for those who have experience in woodworking and wish to use our facilities as a maker-space.