The studio’s first collection draws from the design principles
of the glorious Greco – Roman Period. An artistic transition of
architectural elements into master wood crafting techniques.

BWS devotedly uses three types of sustainably sourced
wood: Ash, Beech and Oak.


The cynosure of the collection. This desk boasts of flawless proportions with autonomous support systems that give Yin and Yang a run for their money



In contrast to the masculine Doric the flowing lines of the Ionic pays homage to the eternal beauty if the feminine form



A graceful curve that dictates a graceful posture. Provides unparalleled lumbar support while standing, pairs well with The Wall.



Inspired by the colossal aqueducts of Vitruvius’ Rome. A standing desk that correlates with Ratio delivering a remarkable experience in a contemporary setting.



Simple and plain. Yet defined and resolute. The Doric’s strongest suit is its minimalist allure.



The most ornate of the orders. Proportions play with aesthetic details. Adornment and comfort effortlessly combined.